Running on the Rye and pseudomonas

After dropping Jensen off this morning, I jogged (very gently) down Lucas Road, through Rectory Avenue and onto the Rye. I slowed to a walk, but enjoyed the walk past Bassetbury Manor and the Environment Centre (both now sold as part of the local authority’s cost-cutting exercise). I counted twenty-five swans on the Rye and one coot.

To complete this exploration into (relatively) healthy living, I stopped at the market to buy some fruit for a smoothie and a muesli bar. I almost resisted coffee (I felt vaguely nauseous), but the cravings came back once my blood pressure returned to normal. Still,  no chocolate. So I can still feel virtuous.

This afternoon, I visited the school swimming pool to check it out. Pseudomonas is a bacteria that particularly affects people with cystic fibrosis, clogging up the air ways and making infection (and hence lung damage) more likely. J has had two infections, which were treated with oral ciproxin and nebulised colymycin (three months). We were lucky and he appears to have shaken it off. But there is no guarantee that he would be so lucky next time. Pseudo loves damp warm places – like swimming pools.

There seems to be a big divide between those who see pools as a risk and those who think the benefit (exercise) outweighs the risk. If there is a consensus, then it’s that well-maintained pools, regularly monitored, are an acceptable risk. Hence my visit.

Unfortunately, the jury’s still out. No maintenance information. My glasses steamed up the moment I opened the doors (not good) but the pool looked clean (good). As I was leaving, something wet dropped on my head (there were no low flying pigeons). Really not good at all, but we will see.

Jensen, of course, is desperate to go swimming with his little friends.

About sarahhillwheeler

Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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