MacDonalds and CF clinic – I’m Lovin’ it!

Today we had our three monthly clinic and apart from Jensen taking the opportunity to play some serious mind games (he knows I am pretty powerless to impose sanctions when I am trying to talk to the consultant) all went well. He is putting on weight well and both his cough swab and sputum sample were clear (despite the green gunk).

At 11.30 the clinic was bang in the middle of his school day, but we finished in time for a treat in MacDonald’s (House of Donalds, as J calls it). Actually, it was a treat for Jensen and sufferance for me.

Actually I am secretly partial to a quarter pounder too and took great delight in reading that Jamie Oliver complimented MacDonald’s on their sourcing (sic). The last time we visited MacDonald’s, we were slinking in behind the Sainsbury’s/Jamie Oliver roadshow cameras with Jensen’s school blazer hidden in a carrier bag. We never made it on to the advert, but you get a great view of Wycombe market place (where the smelly fish stall usually is and the street artistes stand mornings with their bottles of Diamond White and Newcastle Brown).

On the way back, Jensen bolted up the hill and through school, running into his classroom, eager to be back. There is something seriously wrong about the way that boy loves school. Definitely not natural.

On the downside, a quarter punder and double fries is not a good training diet, proceeed by a rather nice bacon butty and latte (skinny) with Jessica in House of Fraser (origin of Jensen’s elevation of McDonald’s). On the plus side, I have walked up and down Amersham Hill three times today. Off to the hallowed grounds of school now to collect Burger Boy.Let’s hope he keeps quiet when Ofsted visit.

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