My week end with Curly Martin

This week-end, J Boy stayed with Ian and I finally did my life coaching course with Curly Martin. You may recall that I had postponed this from March when I had some virus. It was the right call. The past forty-eight hours have been full-on, but very rewarding. You need to be there 100% and I definitely made the right call not attending when I was struck down with the dreaded bug.

What did we cover? Everything really in an intensive whistle-stop tour (from basic techniques with lots of practise) to setting up in practice. Personally, I could have done with more toilet breaks (having 7 minute breaks in which you have to choose between (a) going to the toilet (b) caffeine and (c) phoning home forces some tough decisions!). But the strange thing is it really works, no time for nerves (good to get over the 60 second presentation slot) and it really keeps you energised (I am even up and smiling having been for a 20 minute run this morning!).

There were probably about 24 people attending (with Curly and three “crew”) but it all felt very friendly and intimate. Non threatening and supportive (but challenging). And they spanned all ages and backgrounds (with, predictably, a female predominance). Curly is an excellent speaker and uses all the tricks to keep your interest and to break things up. This was probably the longest time I have been in one room virtually continually and not got bored!

Compared to other life-coaching courses I researched, this was excellent value and I would definitely recommend it. The only downside was the location (basically under a flight path in Heathrow). Although the training room was not noisy and was well-ventilated, the hotel was otherwise uninspiring. But to be honest, you don’t really have time to notice.

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