Last Ever Charity Event at LIF

smell the coffee

jensen and pooh smell the coffee

Last week I went up to London for the last ever charity event at Land Registry at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. As part or Acclerated Transformation (or Operation Downsize), the powers-that-be are closing the office and moving to Croydon.

The quiz night went well with some really good prizes and a healthy turn-out and the proceeds will be going to the CF Trust, which I am really really pleased about.

All in all, a bit of a bitter-sweet evening. Great to see old faces and to know that the money is going to a cause close to my heart. Good to seeing the (new) Board had been pro-active and seem to be doing something to restore morale. The Social Committee excelled themselves and Ian even got a free LR T Shirt.

From a personal level, though, I  feel like I have come full circle….now, as they say, it’s onwards and upwards. Odd to think, though, that last recession I was packing up the metaphorical baggage across Lincolns Inn Fields at the old Axa  Equity and Law building. What goes round, comes around….

land registry HO in sunnier times

LR HO in sunnier times

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