My Rosemary Conley Box arrives

Subtitle; my Diet Day II

My Rosemary Conley Solo Diet Box arrived this morning. The contents look a bit disappointing (isn’t that always the way with anything with “service suggestion” emblazoned on the front?). Opening it was a bit of a high though. I now feel like a space astronaut. I have a week’s supply of little aluminium foil sachets. Knowing that’s all I’m going to eat for a week is strangely liberating. Free choice breakfast and the sneaky skinny lattes take on extra significance.

Less is more, except when you’re having less, when a little bit extra is very nice thank you.

Diet Log

Breakfast Miniscule dish of Special K and four strawberries.

Excercise Walk into town and back, 5 minutes free weights.

Snack Twelve grapes, skinny latte (small)

Lunch Dry fried bacon (two rashers) egg, five mushrooms, three cherry tomatoes.

Snack Weight Waatchers’ chocolate brownie (very low fat)

Dinner Poached chicken breast, carrots, leeks, half baked potato (no butter), weight watchers’ cheesecake (179 calories)

About sarahhillwheeler

Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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