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too old for the pig

Sunday night cut short. Loud bass music meant we gave the Pig on the Hill a miss. Wanting a quiet drink and, in my builders’ boots and Shannon Matthews coat, ┬áhaving no inclination to negotiate the bouncers at the Bank … Continue reading

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Low life in Swindon

Just off to try out the Pig on the Hill.Last night we blew the bank at Les Chats. And I felt decidedly off this morning, no reflection on the food, which was excellently cooked, but I probably had more salt … Continue reading

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Getting back to Toothill…..

Tomorrow is the last day of term. I can’t believe it’s a week off, then four more weeks to the summer holidays, Where’s it all gone? This weekend, we are heading back to sunny Swindon and more work. In addition … Continue reading

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Week end in Toothill

We are all here, safe and sound, except for the fact that Jensen is coughing up some really nasty gunk (no other symptoms), which either includes dried blood or regurgitated chocolate…still, he has clinic on Wednesday so hopefully things will … Continue reading

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