Returned from Paris….all wined out

Despite being in Paris one of the wettest weeks on record, delays on Eurostar and being kept waiting nearly two hours before our apartment check-in (during which time Jensen made a new friend and we had negotiated our way into the lobby of the wrong apartment block), we still had a great time.

shaken not stirred in rue cler

Jensen is trying out some French, albeit tentatively, the cough didn’t develop into anything nasty (as far as we know). The Parisian smog seemed to have cleared it. And I have expanded my knowledge of Bandol, cocktails and the Branly. Even Taylors phoning to ask me if I’d accept a tenant with a small dog (that transpired to be a pitt bull) didn’t entirely dampen my mood.

Returned wet and full of resolve to learn French properly, more to follow.

About sarahhillwheeler

Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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