What we did this Summer…..

After a hectic couple of weeks sorting out boring stuff in Swindon (like squatters and blocked toilets) and our escape to a very wet Paris, we made the most of what was left of the British Summer (you know, those two days sometime in August……)

Unfortunately, we (i.e. me) have been remiss keeping up my blogs. So this is an opportunity to catch up.

Before our sojourn in Paris, we had some lovely days out, trips and together time (at least in the days I didn’t bundle J off to Summer Camp so I could actually get some work done).

One of these was the Pony Pamper Experience. We’d been looking forward to it since I “won” (i.e. drunken bid) it at the Godstowe Summer Ball Silent Auction.

It gave J the opportunity to groom and get to know a pony in an outside yard (no nasty wet straw full of aspergillus to clog up his lungs). And (just as importantly) it gave me the opportunity to indulge my dream of getting a pony (on hold since Regan died and J was diagnosed). Despite the inclement weather (this is England, remember) we both had a great time. J has stabled his toy horse in the Wendy House and is surgically attached to his BSJA baseball cap (although he does insist on wearing it in the style of Ali G).

Looking confident....but wait til it moves

Jensen at the kicky end

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Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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