Things we did this Advent

We are terribly unprepared… food in yet and we are living off chocolates and Special K with too regular sorties to MacDonald’s.

Also, our plans to make all our own presents….being creative and crafty have failed. Thank God for Amazon.

Last year's novel cooking conditions

However, we have had a really good time and here are some of the highlights.

  • A lovely Nativity Play in which Jensen was the third date-carrier.
  • A pleasant school fair – with the added bonus of some outside games and much-needed fresh air.
  • Lots of yummy mince pies.
  • Walking around Penn with JB whilst the children were being entertained at a birthday party (great entertainer – some kids enthralled, some at the back in tears, J and L happy under the table halfway down the hall in a sort of compromise which, I think, shows excellent adaptation to separation anxieties). We made a great discovery of a music shop and cavernous book shop, plus a return to the scrumptuous JJ’s deli – best brownies ever (well, nearly).
  • Cosy and uplifting last counselling skills session and party in gorgeous house.
  • More yummy mince pies – some of which we made ourselves.
  • Exciting trip with J and L to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, costly but great fun and my Little Boy reassured me by getting absolutely terrified on the Pirate Ride – trying to pull me out and running off into the Park when my hand got stuck in the sliding door. This put an end to his bravado and we had a nice time strolling around the little children’s section after the tears subsided- though even the reindeer ride terrified me.
  • Another lovely day in Henley where J did an art workshop in the morning at the excellent Rowing Museum and I wondered into town and around the exhibitions – taking in the new Henley gallery and the photos Major Paul Smyth (originally from Henley) took in Afghanistan. We had lunch in the restaurant and a leisurely drive home, where we looked at Christmas cards but did nothing about them….oh dear…..

I have been trying to enjoy a less materialistic Christmas, but the horde of shopping bags hidden in the en suite and the credit card statement will belie this. We are trying to be more charitable and person-centred….but have a feeling we will still be hitting the Highland Park by Boxing Day. Enjoy….

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Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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