Back from Longleat

Christmas at Longleat

We have just come back from a wonderful day out at Longleat, where we were graced by a tigress walking right in front of the KA. I was so much in awe that I didn’t take a picture – all I have is a departing back which I’ll download when we get home. Truly awesome.

Sadly, Ian took the diversion around the Monkey enclosure, deterred by the number plates, wheel trims and various bits of auto-jumble affixed to the entrance sign. Apparently, monkeys can seriously injure your motor.

We toured the house, which was decked out like fairyland, Jensen having to be carried, protesting, along the haunted corridor. Later, we went to the maze (Daddy cheating by referring to the Quick Exit signs) and rounded off in the children’s zoo, where I got to cuddle a ferret and Jensen got scared again.

Off now to boost my calorie intake by digesting the other half of my chocolate orange.

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Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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