We’re not a terror threat….honest

We’re just looking for the paper recycling bins….

Well, that was the line we adopted this morning having taken a wrong turn into bomber command.

RAF Officer�s Mess, Walter�s Ash (David Ellis) / CC BY-SA 2.0

As excuses go, it’s pretty weak, especially with Jensen in the back shouting out “I know Oscar’s been here…Oscar knows the way out.” But they let us go and we found the tip.

It was sad to see a lot of my old school and university books go, Shakespeare, Lawrence, Fielding. But it was also strangely liberating to jettison the Coleridge and the Richardson into the black beyond. And I surprised myself with the surge of joy I felt when I launched Ulysses into oblivion.

We ate bacon baps and cheddar cheese paninis at Bon Ami (part of our official Good Bye tour). Then Jensen went to the playground and did some running around. We played tree tag, which was good for the gunk production and allowed me to tick off the “must exercise” box.

Back now, listening to the rain, staring at the empty crates.

About sarahhillwheeler

Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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