Whipsinade sejourn

Forget Paris, Herts is where it’s at.

Lydia and Jensen hit Whipsinde in style. We avoided the rain for most of the day, even catching the sun a bit. Predictably perhaps, both children were more interested in (a) lunch (b) the playground and (c) the gift shop, than the animals….but we persevered in the interests of responsible parenting.

The rain had added benefits. The zoo emptied quickly and we were able to get really close to some of the animals as they were being fed and brought in. I have fallen in love with rhinos (and am almost convinced, they’re not that different from horses). Check out the pictures of them in their “stables,” absolutely magnificent (although I was keeping half an eye on the exit route all the time and wondering how high they could jump).

Lydia and Jensen at Whipsnade

Lydia and Jensen check out the view

White rhino
My new “pet” of choice

These guys are so gentle and cute…..and “we” enlightened humans hunt them for their horns because we believe they have aphrodisiac qualities…how pathetic and sad is that?

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