No respite in Swindon…..

Yesterday must have been one of the wettest July days on record and we chose it for our completion day.

Sad to say goodbye to Kettles and Lou, both buried in the hedgerow and to pack Norman (in his urn, which has been “living” on my desk whilst Ian decides what to do with him). Leaving the house felt strangely empty, just like leaving a shell or shedding an old skin.

People and plants are what I will miss the most. Oh, and Local Roots deli and broadband.

Nominally following the removal men, we got caught in a police diversion before we got to Milton and went on a picturesque (but bizarre) detour around Dorchester and other riverside towns before coming back out on the Tesco roundabout at Abingdon. Then Ian had to face his inner demons (stone chippings) which were, well, just about everywhere.

All the time my phone was ringing (probably irate estate agents and purchasers trying to gain access whilst Henley’s legal finest were out to lunch – bless). This and the lashings of heavy rain added to my sense of foreboding, confirmed by our arrival and realisation (a) bijou cottage is, well, very bijoux (b) we still have way too much stuff and (c) we can’t use the cupboard or two of the electic sockets because of damp.

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Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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