Hot and bothered in Cricklade

Today we awoke to the hottest day this year. Jensen, being Jensen, suddenly developed a deep attachment to his new black cardigan, and started off doing a passable imitation of a mini-Goth.

16 minutes door to door to Prior Park this morning. Unfortunately, it was double the time on the way back – where we encountered a spooky horse and a long-distance tractor.

After complaining of an aching tummy last night (“butterflies, Mummy”) it was a relief that Jensen settled into the summer club so well. The set up seems very good and the activities are in the pre-prep where Jensen had his “taster” day.When I collected him this afternoon, he was full of it, very sweaty with a big grin on his face, demanding ice cream. His taste is obviously getting more and more sophisticated as he opted for a Bailey’s tub.

Cricklade continues to delight and surprise in equal measure. A shaggy pony this morning waiting outside the card shop, a drunken French rapper outside the butchers, the cafe that shuts at 3pm.

jensen with ice cream in car park in Cricklade

In the morning, I bought a toaster (£9.95, cash only – after I decided I probably could live with my moral conscience if it meant (a) saving on the banks’ exorbitant transaction charges and (b) having something to put my bourssin on tomorrow morning).

Things not much clearer on the property front. It is too hot to go into how estate agents and solicitors are totally doing my head in. Amazingly, we completed on the sale a week ago and have heard absolutely zilch, just hope the money is sitting safely and that hasn’t been forgotten too.


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