Back from Bristol

We got back from Bristol late yesterday afternoon. J has been on the loo most of the morning following a creon deficiency (probably down to the increased brownie consumption and a greater share of nachos than anticipated). That and the thought of his trip to the JR (and the anti-climax of being back home) means he’s not an entirely happy bunny.

Bristol was sunny and fun. We had a lazy time, moving between the Marriott on College Green and the various attractions around the harbour, so a pretty narrow area really. The sunshine and seagulls made us feel vaguely coastal. The only downside was my realization that the hotel suite was bigger than the footprint of our cottage.

We visited the pool (numerous times) J still clinging to his float, but enjoying it immensely. We visited the City Museum and the aquarium again, where I enjoyed watching the octupus misbehave and we all enjoyed feeding time on the coral reef. We wandered up Park Street, stopping at the Designers Guild again, where the cafe is mid-refurbishment, took in a trip around the harbour on a packet boat. Then back to Pizza Express again in the evenings.

Jensen on boat looking at houses on riverside

Unfortunately, we got the days mixed up and missed out on M Shed (closed Mondays) but revisited the SS Great Britain (J’s first visit). It has come on a lot since our last visit just over seven years ago and is now in dry dock. With the humidifiers sucking 80% of the water out of the air, we worked on the basis it was not too much of a risk to J. Well worth the visit.

The ship is fully restored and we marvelled at how small the cabins were (even in first class) and how hierachical it was (an actual line on the deck only first class passengers could cross). The museum tries hard to be authentic – even smells recreated (vomit, horse maure, burning food)….great for children.

Despite my best intentions, I bought two books in the gift shop – I am still fascinated by Bristol’s past and the whole pirate thing……sadly we missed out on Clifton and my favourite chocolate shop-come-cafe. Still, there is an urban art event in a few weeks’ time in Nelson street that I would like to make it to…..

Bristol floating harbour redevelopement

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