Worringly silent on OSL

We have had a few lazy days post-Bristol, mooching, sticking to my resolution of not cooking and trying to keep Jensen in check. Jensen was back in Bristol with the Big Adventure Club on Thursday on a trip to @Bristol. He loved it.

At John Radcliffe on Tuesday, he got another rotten score in his lung test so am now trying to sort out the DNase with Dr Reidy in High Wycombe whilst we are, in fact, now domiciled 80 miles away. And it was never easy……Today (Friday) he has been blowing up balloons and then chasing them upstairs as some sort of impromptu physio. Jensen, not Dr Reidy, obviously.

Today is also the day the BT man is meant to come and fit the landline. Well, he’s been, had a look around, appeared surprised to find there was no BT line (which is a bit odd given the request was to put a BT line in) and has now disappeared again – apparently he is driving to Purton to try and find the other end of the line. Meanwhile, Jensen is doing something creative with a piece of string and two tin cans.

My other main activities this week have been house-hunting and trying to get a wash finished from start to finish. The condenser drier here (which I have posted on before) would be more suited to residency in a Damian Hirst exhibition than the kitchen.  Nothing comes out drier than it went in. Nothing comes out cleaner than it went in. With the intermittent (but consistent) rain here that’s been an interesting combination. I find myself yearning for the lights of the Metropolis and the promise of a Laudramat.

Still the sun is out again now and the slugs are glistening in the dappled light. There’s room in the fridge for a bottle of Pear Cider (my latest discovery) and I’ll soon put Old Shaw Lane to the Domino’s test. Do they deliver?

About sarahhillwheeler

Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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