It is hard to believe it is nearly a week since J went into the John Radcliffe for his “bronch.”

As I got the call to bring him in on the Thursday (whilst mooching around the Designer Outlet), we didn’t have time to get nervous. J spent the day enjoying himself at a Smiley Cat’s workshop at the Steam Museum. Afterwards, he seemed happy enough to “buy into” our explanation that the doctors were going to give him sleepy dust and put a magic camera in him when he was asleep. Excited even, which is either a relief or terribly sad, depending on your perspective.

The worst part was the no food after midnight and no liquids after 6am rule. Our plans to get up early (before Jensen) were thwarted .  We wrestled with our consciences as we tucked into our pain au chocolats and tried not to listen to the protests and cries of hunger.

On Friday, we arrived at the JR an hour early. Having allowed for Oxford traffic, we were caught out when there was none. We quickly adapted to “hospital time” (endless waiting interspersed with flurries of activities). Jensen got a bit suspicious at the Emla cream (used to numb his veins). Otherwise, he enjoyed himself on Play Station (I think he rates the JR’s children’s ward up there with the play centre).

X  Ray

Not J’s (no clouds)

He took the canula well (distracted by the play therapist who challenged him to Find Stig) and did a good impression of a drunk as the anesthetic took effect. We kissed him good bye and left Dr T to do her stuff.

Twenty minutes  and a couple of strong coffees later, we were back on the ward with a very sleepy Jensen. His sats were good and he was soon off oxygen. For about an hour though, he was very drowsy, so I enjoyed flicking through Ideal Home Magazine and having those desultory parent-child conversations I’d always dreamed about. At one point he did complain that I had two heads and he kept asking when the doctor was going to give him the sleepy dust. But he was soon back to normal and demanding food.

We get the results in about two weeks’ time. Dr M says one of J’s lungs had a lot of white gunk in it, but no obvious signs of infection. Over the past couple of days he’s been quite productive, but we’ll just have to wait and see. At least the “bronch” went well and we can now concentrate on getting him out of doors and using his lungs.


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