Where’s the summer?

We can’t believe there are only two full weeks of the holidays left. And we feel that we haven’t had (a) a holiday and (b) a summer.

The Thames at Cricklade – so there was one sunny day

More rain today. The bathroom roof has held up, but the water has been pooling outside. It’s concrete, on a slope with no soak-away. I think I may just have worked out why the floor is buckling….

J was in the Big Adventure Club in Prior Park today. He seems to have enjoyed it, although he eschewed the “water play” session. Unlike him, but as it was tipping down outside, it was probably a sound (though illogical) choice.

After dropping him off, I wondered around the environs of Cricklade, then had my second breakfast in the excellent Staceys. I say “excellent” because they do a brilliant super-value big breakfast and I have discovered a liking for thickly buttered toast. But I shall be as big as a horse by the time J leaves Prior Park.

Roads flooded on the way to collect J. Not pleasant.

I was, however, delighted to see some gypsies had moved into a field just outside Cricklade on the Purton Road. Two delightful colourful old caravans (smoke was billowing from one) and some proper gypsy horses; one cobby and black and white, one cobby and strawberry roan. Am I too old to run away and join them?


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Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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