A month in books……

Sadly, I have failed unspectacularly at updating the Rectory Readers’ web site. And I have now run off to the wilds of Wiltshire. Nevertheless, I thought  I would add a few words about what I’ve been reading over the past month. Who knows I may actually get around to writing those regular reviews I always promised.

This month has been quite challenging, however, on account of-

  • my resolution not to “waste”money (Ian’s definition of “waste”includes multiple Amazon purchases)
  • adherence to the one thing in, one thing out rule (see previous blogs on decluttering and moving house).

Well, here goes-

Down and Out in Paris in London

rescued from my skip

I last read this as an A Level student (working my way through Orwell as 1984 was a set text). I found my old copy in the back of the car, saved from the boxes of books and papers I jettisoned into the recycle skip in Walters Ash. So I started reading it as it was the only book I had in the cottage. But I had forgotten how brilliant Orwell was. Not his novels, but his reportage. It is an almost timeless account of the grinding boredom and hopelessness of poverty. Forget 1984. This should be a set text.

The Finkler Question Short-listed for lots of prizes and lots of people find it very funny. Excellently written and I did find myself caring what happened to the characters, which surprised me as I spent the early part of the book being irritated by them. Great book, if you like that sort of thing…..but I wouldn’t rush to read the sequel. Sorry.

The Wreckers This was a factual account of ship wreckers in the UK by Barbara Bathurst, not the thriller of the same name. I bought it following our jolly around the SS Great Britain in Bristol. Afterall it’s summertime and, denied my weeks in Walberswick, I am enjoying a small nautical obsession. Well written and illuminating. I am just a bit put out that Du Maurier’s depiction of Cornish piracy and treachery is, if not historically inaccurate.much exagerated.

The City of Beasts

City of Beasts

Another book I picked up in the Sue Ryder shop in Cricklade for £1 (thereby honouring my waste-not and recycle resolutions). It is the sort of book I feel I should like, rather more than I do. For a much better review see Just a Normal Girl in London. I am afraid I skipped quite a bit of the lyrical prose (but I enjoyed the overall story, which reminded me in a strange way fo a more gentle version of Doris Lessing’s Ben).

Well, that’s it for now. I am half-way through a chick-lit novel at the moment. And enjoying it. It was either that or Monty Don (who will probably be my next £1 bargain). It’s one of the great thing about this pared down country-living. Broadening my tastes….or, at least, ensuring I appreciate the Waterstones in Bristol even more.


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Mother, lawyer, fund-raiser, lover of chocolate, coffee and all things beautiful, reluctant exerciser, loves reading, thinking and sleeping.
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2 Responses to A month in books……

  1. EastEndLass says:

    Funny – I picked it up in a Scope shop 😀

  2. I am just (re) discovering the book shelves in charity shops. There’s also a book exchange near us I’m going to explore….justification to try something a little different perhaps?

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